Brass Female-Female Standoffs

Brass Female-Female Standoffs

We manufacture Female-Female Standoffs as per the needs and demand of customers. It is also known as just standoffs or double female Spacers. That is used to create gap in-between two objects and conjunction with male-female pillars. We offer these female-female spacers in three different Shapes such as Round (RD), Hexagon (HX) and Square (SQ) with both end female threads are available with variety of sizes and thread styles.

Technical Details:

Material Description: Brass (RoHS Compliant), Aluminium (RoHS Compliant), Aluminum,

Nylon (RoHS Compliant), Stainless Steel (RoHS Compliant),

Steel (RoHS Compliant)

Features: Superior finish, Highly reliable, Durable

Anti corrosive nature, Precise dimension, High tensile strength

Compact size, Dimensional accuracy, Robust construction, Excellent strength

Finishing & Coating: Natural, Nickel Plated, Tin Plated

Brass, Stainless Steel, Copper

Threads: ISO Metric (MM Threads), BA Threads, BSW Threads (inches), UNC & UNF Threads
Length / Size: As per Customers Designs and requirements